Modified Graphite Paste Electrode with Lewatit FO36 Nanoresin/Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes for Determination of Quercetin

Hossein Rajabi Hossein Rajabi , Meissam Noroozifar Meissam Noroozifar
Российский электрохимический журнал
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In the present study, the electrochemical oxidation of quercetin (QUR) was investigated using a graphite paste electrode (GPE) modified with multi-walled carbon nanotube and Lewatit FO36 nanoresin (LFONR-MWCNT/GPE). LFONR-MWCNT/GPE could effectively a sensitive anodic peak at around 0.23 V (vs. SCE) in a 0.10 M phosphate buffer solution. Modified electrode revealed that activated with multiwalled carbon nanotube and LFONR was capable of facilitating electron transfer and increasing surface area. The electrochemical oxidation of QUR was studied using cyclic voltammetry (CV) and linear sweep voltammetry (LSV). Some kinetic parameters for electrochemical oxidation of QUR including total number of electrons (n) and standard heterogeneous rate constant (ks) were also determined. The calibration graph consisted of two linear segments of 1.8–25.0 μM, and 25.0–570.0 μM with a detection limit of 0.213 μM (based on 3Sb). The applicability of the method to juice of peach, red grape, sour cherry and Gincora tablets analysis was also evaluated.

Author information
  • Analytical Research Laboratory, Department of Chemistry, University of Sistan and Baluchestan, Zahedan, P.O. Box 98135-674, Iran

    Hossein Rajabi & Meissam Noroozifar

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