Specific Features in the Low-Temperature Performance of Electrodes of Lithium-Ion Battery

A. A. Kuz’minaA. A. Kuz’mina, T. L. KulovaT. L. Kulova, E. K. TuseevaE. K. Tuseeva, E. V. ChirkovaE. V. Chirkova
Российский электрохимический журнал
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The charging and discharge characteristics of electrodes based on LiNi0.8Co0.15Al0.05O2 (NCA) and Li4Ti5O12 (LTO) are studied in LiClO4 solutions in a mixture of propylene carbonate and dimethoxyethane at the temperature from –45 to +60°С. For both materials, the discharge capacity decreases with the current increase and its dependence cannot be described by the Peukert equation. The decrease in the temperature results also in the increase in polarization, the effective energy of activation being 52 kJ/mol on the NCA electrode and only 23 kJ/mol on the LTO electrode. The possibility of using batteries based on the NCA–LTO system at the temperature down to –40°С is confirmed.

Author information
  • Frumkin Institute of Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences, 119071, Moscow, RussiaA. A. Kuz’mina, T. L. Kulova, E. K. Tuseeva & E. V. Chirkova
  • National Research University (MPEI), 111250, Moscow, RussiaE. V. Chirkova
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