Selective, Preparative Electroreduction of Aromatic Nitrocompounds

V. P. Gul’tyai , V. N. Leibzon
Российский электрохимический журнал
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The review covers the works of the last 5–6 years devoted to the methods of electroreduction (ER) ofaromatic nitrocompounds to corresponding, practically-important amines. The selectivity of ER is discussed invarious aspects: the deep electroreduction of nitrogroups, which eliminates the formation of intermediates at theelectrolysis; the retention of the other reducible functions (halogen, cyanogen) in the end amine; and also the selective reduction of a limited number of nitro groups in polynitroarenes. The efficiency of the ER of nitrocompoundsis compared with that of the methods for their catalytic hydrogenation and reduction by chemical reactants.