Determination of Sulfite in Real Sample by an Electrochemical Sensor Based on Ni/Poly(4-Aminobenzoic Acid)/Sodium Dodecylsulfate/Carbon Paste Electrode

Banafsheh NorouziBanafsheh Norouzi, Zahra ParsaZahra Parsa
Российский электрохимический журнал
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In this research, a modified electrode has been produced during the electropolymerization of 4-Aminobenzoic acid in the presence of sodium dodecylsulfate (SDS) and then Ni(II) ions were incorporated to the polymer by immersion of the modified electrode in a 0.1 M Ni(II) ions solution. The electrochemical behavior of Ni/poly(4-aminobenzoic acid)/sodium dodecylsulfate/carbon paste electrode (Ni/poly(4-AB)/SDS/CPE) was investigated by using cyclic voltammetry. The experimental results exhibited the stable redox behavior of the Ni(III)/Ni(II) couple immobilized at the polymeric electrode. This polymeric modified electrode has a very good activity toward the sulfite electrooxidation in a phosphate buffer solution (pH 11). By comparison of the different responses to sulfite oxidation using electrodes Ni/poly(4-AB)/SDS/CPE, poly(4-AB)/SDS/CPE and CPE, we observed that the former electrode is a more effective catalyst for the electrooxidation of sulfite. Under optimal experimental conditions, the peak current response increased linearly with sulfite concentration over the range of 0.1–1 and 1–10 mM. The detection limit of the method was 0.063 mM. Finally, the method was applied to the determination of sulfite in weak liquor sample.

Author information
  • Department of Chemistry, Qaemshahr Branch, Islamic Azad University, Qaemshahr, IranBanafsheh Norouzi & Zahra Parsa
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