Nonlinear Transformations of Pulsed Signals in Radar Tomography

S. E. ShipilovS. E. Shipilov, V. P. YakubovV. P. Yakubov
Российский физический журнал
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This paper considers two methods for improving the visibility of hidden objects in radar tomography using nonlinear time transformations of short ultra-wideband (UWB) pulses. The first method is based on selection of a digital coherent jitter formed by special nonlinear signal transformation. The resulting increase in the contribution of high-frequency components to the reflected signal spectrum improves the spatial resolution of images of hidden objects. The second method uses relatively powerful monochromatic side irradiation in the clocked mode to detect a target. This leads to a characteristic distortion of the radar sensing pulse reflected from nonlinear radio-electronic elements – parts of the target being located. The observed change in the radar pulse waveform allows selective tomography of nonlinear radio-electronic elements to be carried out.

Author information
  • National Research Tomsk State University, Tomsk, RussiaS. E. Shipilov & V. P. Yakubov
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