Electrochemical Study on the Behavior of Methimazole with the Modified Au–C–GCE Electrode

 Jing Liu Jing Liu , Lu-Teng Ma Lu-Teng Ma , Ai-Xia Ling Ai-Xia Ling , Mei Lv Mei Lv , Fan-Dong Kong Fan-Dong Kong , Jun Wang Jun Wang
Российский электрохимический журнал
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Au/XC-72 nanoparticles prepared via microwave-assisted polyol processes were used as the active materials for methimazole detection. The Au/XC-72 modified electrode shows an excellent catalytic activity toward oxidation of methimazole, the cyclic voltammetry of methimazole displays two pairs of well-defined, quasi-reversible redox peaks. The oxidation of methimazole on Au/XC-72 modified electrode is a diffusion-controlled and a one-electron transfer process. The fixed-potential amperometry technique was used for the determination of methimazole and a linear dependence of anodic current on methimazole concentration was obtained in the range of 19.9–100.91 μM.

Author information
  • Department of Pharmacy, Jining Medical University, 276826, Rizhao, China

    Jing Liu, Lu-Teng Ma, Ai-Xia Ling, Mei Lv, Fan-Dong Kong & Jun Wang

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