Peculiarities of Morphology of Tin Microcrystals Electroplated under Galvanostatic Conditions

K. K. Kudasheva K. K. Kudasheva , I. S. Yasnikov I. S. Yasnikov , M. V. Dorogov M. V. Dorogov
Российский электрохимический журнал
Abstract / Full Text

Specific features of morphology of structure of tin microcrystals, which form during the electrodeposition under the galvanostatic conditions on the indifferent substrate, are studied. The corresponding experimental data are presented. Possible mechanisms for the formation of the morphological forms are discussed.

Author information
  • Togliatti State University, 445020, Togliatti, Samara oblast, Russia

    K. K. Kudasheva & I. S. Yasnikov

  • ITMO University, 197101, St. Petersburg, Russia

    M. V. Dorogov

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