Effect of sulfamate-citrate electrolyte pH on the Ni-W alloy electrodeposition

M. Bratoeva M. Bratoeva , N. Atanasov N. Atanasov
Российский электрохимический журнал
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Effects of sulfamate-citrate electrolyte pH on the cathodic polarization, content of W in Ni-W alloys, and crystallite grain size are studied by cyclic voltammetry, scanning electron microscopy, and energy dispersion spectroscopy. It is shown that a medium pH has the determining effect on the electrolyte and deposit properties; in a neutral medium, properties of deposits are optimal. A unique dependence of the microhardness on the alloy’s composition is found.

Author information
  • Institute of Physical Chemistry, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sophia, Bulgaria

    M. Bratoeva & N. Atanasov

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