Determination of Sulfite in Wine Using Differential Pulse Polarography

 Güler Somer Güler Somer , Şükrü Kalaycı Şükrü Kalaycı , Ümmihan Yılmaz Ümmihan Yılmaz
Российский электрохимический журнал
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Sulfite determination plays an important role, since it is used in some food stuff as protecting agent. It is a known fact that higher values of sulfite in foods will create some health problems. Thus, its accurate determination has a vital importance. In this investigation a new and simple DP polarographic method is established for the determination of sulfite. The polarographic peak of sulfite was used for its determination. The polarograms of sulfite were taken in various electrolytes and pH values in the presence or absence of wine in order to find the best working conditions. It was possible to determine 2 × 10–6 M sulfite in pH 4 Hac–NaAc electrolyte. This method is applied to various wines and it was possible to determine the free and bound sulfite. The results obtained were also compared with an iodometric method used in TSE (Turkish standardization Institute).

Author information
  • Gazi University, Chemistry Department, Ankara, Turkey

    Güler Somer, Şükrü Kalaycı & Ümmihan Yılmaz

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