LaMnOx Air Diffusion Cathode for Primary Alkali Batteries

M. S. Yazici M. S. Yazici
Российский электрохимический журнал
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Electrochemical performance of a new type of high-current air cathode is compared to off-the-shelf air electrodes (Alupower-A series; Eltech-B; Duracell-C) in 35% KOH solution. LaMnOx (LAM) is made by precipitation method resulting with sub-micron size particles. The electrode is single layer and very resistant to the KOH leakage. Approximately 65 m2 g–1 surface area is favorable for effective catalyst distribution and electrochemical active area utilization. LaMnOx type catalyst-supported electrode performs comparable or better than many of the commercial samples. Electrode shows a voltage drop of less than 200 mV at 150 mA cm–2 current density. Electrode structure does not show any sign of mass transfer limitation up to 250 mA cm–2.

Author information
  • TUBITAK Marmara Research Center, Energy Institute, 41470, Gebze, Turkey

    M. S. Yazici

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