Boric Acid Transport across Anionic Membranes: Electrodialysis and Impedance Spectroscopy

M. Périé , J. Périé
Российский электрохимический журнал
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Despite the low conductivity of boric acid solutions, electrodialysis experiments across anionicmembranes were investigated in the aim of extracting the boron from effluents of the primary cooling loop ofpressurized water reactors (PWR). The current efficiency for boron transport is reported and related to the formation of condensed anionic species inside the exchanger, which is governed by specific equilibria. It is shownthat the yield of boron electrotransport is an increasing function of concentration of the bathing solution andcan exceed 300%. This yield is proved to be strictly correlated to the number of boron atoms per active site asdetermined from equilibrium measurements. The variation of the membrane ohmic resistance with the concentration of the external solution of boric acid and with temperature is obtained from analysis of impedance spectroscopy data. This study has allowed an evaluation of individual transport properties of the main ionic species.