апрель 2017

Mechanochemical synthesis of Ni, Ni-Co and Ni-Al hydroxide from hydrate and anhydrous precursors for an application as pigments for nail polishes

Kovalenko K. V., Samsonov I. V., Solovey M., Yeroshkina A. L., Коваленко В. Л. Коваленко В. Л. , Коток В. А. Коток В. А. , Burkov A. A.Burkov A. A., Ananchenko B. A.Ananchenko B. A., Baskevich A. S.Baskevich A. S.
Химия и современные технологии
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Nail polishes are one of the most popular decorative cosmetics. For production of nail polishes with different colors, organic and inorganic pigments are used. Metal oxides and hydroxides may be used as such pigments. Nickel hydroxide has light-green color, but nickel based LDH is characterized with different shades. For example, Ni-Al hydroxide is turquoise.

Nickel hydroxide and layered nickel double hydroxides can be obtained by chemical synthesis at low or high supersaturation, homogeneous precipitation etc. Mechanochemical synthesis is the perspective method for obtaining of nickel hydroxides with other colors and shades.

The main aim of this work is to propose the solid state mechanochemical synthesis of nickel hydroxide, Ni-Co and Ni-Al LDH (as a nail polish pigments) by low energy activator from hydrated or anhydrous precursors (nitrate ans sulfate). Hydroxide samples, synthesized by mechanochemical method, have been characterized by PXRD, TG, DSC, SEM, EDX. Samples color was characterized by visual observation.

Color of obtained Ni hydroxide based pigments is shown in Table 1.

Sample Ni hydroxide Ni-Co hydroxide Ni-Al hydroxide
Hydr. Unhydr. Nitrate Hydr. Nitrate Unhydr. Sulfate Unhydr Nitrate Hydr. Nitrate Unhydr. Sulfate Unhydr
Colour Light Green Light Grey Boggy (khaki) Sepuld Light brown Mint Grey Lime green

By means of PXRD, TG, DSC it has been established that material obtained by hydrate and anhydrous synthesis is β-Ni(OH)2. By means of PXRD it has been proved the formation of nickel hydroxide directly during of mechanochemical synthesis and has been shown obtaining of 4Ni(OH)2·NiOOH. When double amount NaOH was used, NaNiO2 formation was detected. 4Ni(OH)2·NiOOH and NaNiO2 have grey color. Ni-Co hydroxide samples have the color of a brown palette, Ni-Al (excluding anhydrous nitrate) – light green palette. Synthesis from anhydrous nitrate precursors gives grey and more dark color.

It was shown that the solid state mechanochemical synthesis is perspective method for obtaining of the different nickel hydroxides as advanced materials for nail polish implementation.