апрель 2019
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Water purification is one of the most acute and main problems of the present time.  The amount of polluted water increases constantly. Today, even the water that is used for water supply cannot display its quality. Approximately 90% of water resources that are used need the permanent cleaning, because the sources of fresh water are unable to provide the requirements of the Earth’s population in general, and also the interests of landowners and cities in particular.

Ozonation and chlorination are really practical methods that disinfect water and have been tested on existing water treatment facilities. The method of chlorination became the most widespread of them. An alternative is ozonation, so as ozone is a very strong oxidant that destroys viruses and bacteria, and also destroys the chlorinated hydrocarbons that appear in the process of chlorinating.

In Table 1, a part of the equations (of 39) of the decay of ozone in the aqueous medium is given [1, pg.4].)

Table 1 – Part of the kinetic scheme for the decomposition of ozone in an aqueous medium

Reaction Constant speed

As a simulation program for displaying the investigated process, a program module was developed in the C++ environment, and Euler’s method was chosen to calculate the mathematical description of the process.


Ozonation of water is one of the best alternatives of water chlorination due to the destruction of chlorinated hydrocarbons. The kinetic scheme of the process of decomposition of ozone in a water environment was made and calculated. According to the calculated values of the kinetic scheme, the graphs of decay of ozone in a water environment are constructed.