Silver(I) Oxide on Silver–Zinc Alloys: Anodic Formation and Properties

M. M. Murtazin M. M. Murtazin , M. Yu. Nesterova M. Yu. Nesterova , S. N. Grushevskaya S. N. Grushevskaya , A. V. Vvedenskii A. V. Vvedenskii
Российский электрохимический журнал
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Anodic formation in deoxygenated 0.1 М KOH solution of Ag(I) oxide on Ag–Zn alloys with zinc atomic fraction from 5 to 30 at % and its properties were examined using cyclic voltammetry supplemented by photoelectrochemical measurements. Phase composition of the alloys is confirmed by X-ray diffraction analysis. Surface morphology is studied using scanning electron microscope. Ag(I) oxide anodically formed on silver–zinc alloys is shown possessing n-type conductance, with dominating donor defects. The donor defect concentration in the Ag(I) oxide increases, as the zinc content in the alloy grows, and this leads to a decrease in the maximum photocurrent and to narrowing of the space charge region. With the increasing of the zinc concentration in the alloy, the Ag2O particles’ size decreases and their surface density increases.

Author information
  • Voronezh State University, 394018, Voronezh, Russia

    M. M. Murtazin, M. Yu. Nesterova, S. N. Grushevskaya & A. V. Vvedenskii

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