Ion Conductivity and Vibrational Spectra of LiNO3–KNO3 + Al2O3 Composites

K. Sh. Rabadanov K. Sh. Rabadanov , M. M. Gafurov M. M. Gafurov , Z. Yu. Kubataev Z. Yu. Kubataev , A. M. Amirov A. M. Amirov , M. A. Akhmedov M. A. Akhmedov , N. S. Shabanov N. S. Shabanov , M. B. Ataev M. B. Ataev
Российский электрохимический журнал
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Composite solid electrolytes are synthesized on the basis of the eutectic nitrate mixture of 0.42LiNO3–0.58KNO3 doped by aluminum oxide nanosized powder. The impedance spectroscopy technique is used to study the conductivity of the obtained composites. Heterogeneous doping results in an increase in ion conductivity and a decrease in activation energy. The method of Raman spectroscopy shows that the doping by aluminum oxide leads to formation of an amorphous phase. At low nanopowder concentrations, amorphization is brought about by the lithium nitrate phase.

Author information
  • Dagestan Scientific Center, Russian Academy of Sciences, Analytical Center for Collective Use, 367001, Makhachkala, Republic of Dagestan, Russia

    K. Sh. Rabadanov, M. M. Gafurov, Z. Yu. Kubataev, A. M. Amirov, M. A. Akhmedov, N. S. Shabanov & M. B. Ataev

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