Application of anodic dissolution method for a study of electrocolored aluminum oxides

A. JagminasA. Jagminas, J. GiedraitieneJ. Giedraitiene
Российский электрохимический журнал
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The anodic dissolution of color carrier of colored aluminum anodic oxide films (AOF) is studied before and after their coloring, using ac in various electrolytes containing Cu(II). The voltammetric polarization curves of anodic dissolution of colored AOF in 0.1 M H2SO4 depend on the amount of copper deposited in the pores and its oxidation state (Cu, Cu2O, CuO). Analytical and X-ray diffraction examination of AOF prior to and after the anodic dissolution shows that the anodic dissolution method is inapplicable for the determination of the oxidation state of copper electrodeposited in AOF pores or the amount of copper oxides.

Author information
  • Institute of Chemistry, Vilna, LithuaniaA. Jagminas & J. Giedraitiene
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