Electrodialysis of Solutions Containing Surfactants

S. V. Shishkina , I. Yu. Maslenikova , I. Alalykina
Российский электрохимический журнал
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The effect of the organic surfactants used as brighteners in nickel plating (butyne-1,4-diol) and zincplating (Likonda ZnSRA, Likonda ZnSRB, and Karat) on the electrical conductivity and voltammograms ofMK-40 and MA-40 heterogeneous ion exchange membranes is studied. Comparing the results obtained withthe electrocapillary curves shows that the adsorption mode of the surfactants under study changes with variations in solution composition. The changes observed in the membrane properties, because of the adsorption ofsome surfactants under study, are reversible and can be eliminated.