Anodic Oxidation of Serine Anion on Smooth and Platinized Platinum

N. E. Kuleshova N. E. Kuleshova , A. V. Vvedenskii A. V. Vvedenskii , E. V. Bobrinskaya E. V. Bobrinskaya
Российский электрохимический журнал
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The anodic oxidation of serine anion on smooth (Pt) and platinized (Pt(Pt)) platinum electrodes is studied by the methods of cyclic and linear voltammetry, rotating disk electrode, coulometry, and reflectance IR spectroscopy. On both electrodes, the potential regions of electrochemical transformation of this amino acid are determined. It is shown that electrooxidation of serine proceeds with abstraction of 4 and 2 electrons on Pt and Pt(Pt) electrodes, respectively. It is found that the anodic oxidation of serine anions proceeds from the adsorbed state; a possible kinetic scheme of this process is proposed.

Author information
  • Voronezh State University, Voronezh, 394006, Russia

    N. E. Kuleshova, A. V. Vvedenskii & E. V. Bobrinskaya

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