Electrodeposition of thin Cu2ZnSnS4 films

M. B. Dergacheva M. B. Dergacheva , K. A. Urazov K. A. Urazov , A. E. Nurtazina A. E. Nurtazina
Российский электрохимический журнал
Abstract / Full Text

The electrochemical behavior of copper(II), zinc(II), and thiosulfate (S2O3 2-) ions on the molybdenum electrode in individual 0.2 М sodium sulfate solutions (рН 6.7) and with addition of either 0.1 М tartaric acid (рН 4.6) or 0.1 М citric acid (рН 4.7) is studied. A one-step electrochemical method is developed for the deposition of thin Cu2ZnSnS4 films, which is carried out on the molybdenum electrode at a constant potential in sodium sulfate solutions containing tartaric acid. The effect of the concentration of electrolyte components on the chemical composition of Cu2ZnSnS4 films is determined. The phase composition is confirmed by the Raman spectroscopy data. The surface morphology of synthesized films is studied by means of scanning-electron and atomic-force microscopes. The photoelectrochemical characteristics of Cu2ZnSnS4 films are determined. Samples of these coatings on the Mo electrode are found to be highly photosensitive.

Author information
  • Sokol’skii Institute of Fuel, Catalysis, and Electrochemistry, Almaty, 050010, Kazakhstan

    M. B. Dergacheva, K. A. Urazov & A. E. Nurtazina

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