The Regeneration of Hydrogen Chloride in the Electrowinning of Metal Chlorides in Membrane Equipped Cells

L. Liao , A. van Sandwijk , J. H. W. de Wit , G. Van Weert
Российский электрохимический журнал
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A new approach to regenerating chloride in the form of HCl, to avoid the anodic production of chlorine during the electrowinning of metal chlorides, is investigated. The investigation utilizes a membrane cell toelectrowin copper and nickel chloride. The chloride is recovered in the form of HCl in the catholyte with a single membrane cell and in the membrane compartment solution (ampholyte) with a two membrane cell. The performance of Nafion-350 to chloride diffusion has been tested in various conditions with a single membrane celland a two membrane cell. The performance of Neosepta ACM exchange membrane was also tested.