Statistical theory of turbulent mass transfer in electrochemical systems

S. A. MartemianovS. A. Martemianov
Российский электрохимический журнал
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The paper presents an overview of the statistical theory of turbulent mass transfer in electrochemical systems and some new results which generalize the previously obtained relations for the flows of complex geometry. The developed theory does not use traditional semi-empirical hypotheses and analogies, but directly addresses to the solving of the critical for turbulent transfer the closure problem. The mathematical procedure for solving of the closure problem makes use of new equations for the correlations between concentration and velocity fluctuations in different space points and at different time moments; the dumping of turbulent pulsations in the viscous sublayer allows to neglect high order moments and obtain a closed equation for the turbulent mass flux. In general, the relation between the turbulent mass flux and the mean concentration gradient is non-local. Using available experimental information, the non-local equation for the turbulent mass flux is reduced to the traditional local one and the functional form of the turbulent diffusion coefficient is obtained. It is demonstrated that Reynolds analogy cannot been used for the prediction of the turbulent diffusivity. Applications of the developed theory to chemical engineering and to electrochemical flow diagnostics (prediction of flow characteristics using limiting diffusion current measurements) are discussed.

Author information
  • Institut Pprime UPR 3346 CNRS, University of Poitiers, ENSMA, Bâtiment 25, 3ème étage Campus Sud, 6, rue Marcel Dore, F86022, Poitiers cedex, FranceS. A. Martemianov
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