Effect of Silver Vanadate Additions on the Electrochemical Characteristics of the Fluorocarbon Electrode

S. A. Fateev S. A. Fateev , I. A. Putsylov I. A. Putsylov , V. A. Zhorin V. A. Zhorin , S. E. Smirnov S. E. Smirnov , M. V. Negorodov M. V. Negorodov
Российский электрохимический журнал
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An original method for the synthesis of silver vanadate was developed. It includes mechanical activation of the precursor in the course of plastic deformation on a high-pressure apparatus of the Bridgman anvil type, which is significantly time- and energy-saving. It was shown that the addition of silver vanadate to fluorocarbon improves the electrochemical characteristics of the electrodes, especially in pulsed discharge modes.

Author information
  • Moscow Power Engineering Institute (National Research University) (MEI), 111250, Moscow, Russia

    S. A. Fateev, S. E. Smirnov & M. V. Negorodov

  • Semenov Institute of Chemical Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences, 117977, Moscow, Russia

    I. A. Putsylov & V. A. Zhorin

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