The Application of Ferrocene Derivative and CeO–ZnO Nanocomposite-Modified Carbon Paste Electrode for Simultaneous Detection of Penicillamine and Tryptophan

 Parisa Baghbanpoor Parisa Baghbanpoor , Masoud Reza Shishehbore Masoud Reza Shishehbore , Hadi Beitollahi Hadi Beitollahi , Ali Sheibani Ali Sheibani
Российский электрохимический журнал
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The electrocatalytic performance of carbon paste electrode modified with ferrocene-derivative (ethyl 2-(4-ferrocenyl[1,2,3]triazol-1-yl)acetate, EFTA) , CeO–ZnO nanocomposite as well as ionic liquid (n-hexyl-3-methylimidazolium hexafluoro phosphate) (CeO–ZnO/ILFCPE) was investigated for simultaneous detection of penicillamine and tryptophan. According to the results, the penicillamine oxidation on the surface of fabricated carbon paste electrode at an optimal pH of 7.0 was observed less positive at 320 mV potential compared to unmodified electrode. The penicillamine oxidation showed the electron transfer coefficient (α) of 0.58 and diffusion coefficient (D) of 1.2 × 10–6 cm2/s. The linear dynamic range was also calculated to be between 0.02–25.0 μM, and the limit of detection (LOD) was 10.0 nM. High selectivity and satisfactory reproducibility found for the modified carbon paste electrode suggest the possibility of analytical applications. The application of the synthesized sensor was examined in real specimens for detection of penicillamine and tryptophan.

Author information
  • Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Sciences, Islamic Azad University, Yazd Branch, Yazd, Iran

    Parisa Baghbanpoor, Masoud Reza Shishehbore & Ali Sheibani

  • Environment Department, Institute of Science and High Technology and Environmental Sciences, Graduate University of Advanced Technology, Kerman, Iran

    Hadi Beitollahi

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