Effect of Stabilizers on the Morphology of a Platinum Dispersion Deposited on the Surface of Perfluorinated Membrane

D. S. Kudashova D. S. Kudashova , I. V. Falina I. V. Falina , N. A. Kononenko N. A. Kononenko
Российский электрохимический журнал
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The effect of the nature, concentration of nanoparticle stabilizers, and pH of the reducing agent solution on morphological features of platinum deposited on the perfluorinated membrane surface is studied. It is found that ethylene glycol and polyethylene glycol stabilize platinum dispersion not only in the solution, but also in the membrane. Efficiency of application of modified membranes as polymer electrolyte in a low-temperature hydrogen–air fuel cell is estimated. It is shown that power characteristics of a membrane-electrode assembly with hybrid membranes obtained using ethylene glycol as platinum dispersion stabilizers are higher than those obtained using polyethylene glycol.

Author information
  • Kuban State University, 350040, Krasnodar, Russia

    D. S. Kudashova, I. V. Falina & N. A. Kononenko

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