Methanol Electrooxidation on PtM/C (M = Ni, Co) and Pt/(SnO2/C) Catalysts

V. S. Menshchikov V. S. Menshchikov , S. V. Belenov S. V. Belenov , V. E. Guterman V. E. Guterman , I. N. Novomlinskiy I. N. Novomlinskiy , A. K. Nevel’skaya A. K. Nevel’skaya , A. Yu. Nikulin A. Yu. Nikulin
Российский электрохимический журнал
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We investigate the activity of bimetallic PtM/C (M = Ni, Co) catalysts with different microstructures and platinum catalysts supported on a nanostructured composite carrier (SnO2/C) in the electrooxidation reaction of methanol. For bimetallic catalysts, the effect of heat treatment on their structural and functional characteristics is also studied. Among bimetallic catalysts in the as-obtained state, the Pt@Ni/C catalyst prepared by the subsequent reduction of nickel and platinum from solutions of their compounds exhibited the highest activity in the methanol electrooxidation, significantly exceeding that for the commercial Pt/C product. Heat treatment at 350°C increased the activity of the PtCo/C catalyst containing nanoparticles of a solid solution but adversely affected the tolerance of all the studied bimetallic catalysts to the intermediate products of methanol oxidation. All the studied Pt/(SnO2/C) materials demonstrated a higher mass activity in the electrooxidation reaction of methanol compared to commercial Pt/C and bimetallic systems, while the catalyst with a weight fraction of platinum of 12% and a molar ratio of Pt: SnO2 of 1: 1.1 showed the highest mass activity.

Author information
  • Department of Chemistry, South Federal University, Rostov-on-Don, 344090, Russia

    V. S. Menshchikov, S. V. Belenov, V. E. Guterman, I. N. Novomlinskiy, A. K. Nevel’skaya & A. Yu. Nikulin

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