Mixed Platinum–Nickel Catalysts of Oxygen Reduction

T. A. Stel’mashuk T. A. Stel’mashuk , E. V. Alekseeva E. V. Alekseeva , O. V. Levin O. V. Levin
Российский электрохимический журнал
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A mixed catalyst based on platinum and nickel oxide was obtained as a result of the synthesis and subsequent alkaline hydrolysis of thin polymer films of poly[Ni(Salen)] with platinum nanoparticles previously electrodeposited in its pores. The efficiency of catalyst operation was tested in oxygen electroreduction in an alkaline medium. A distinction of the catalyst is its high activity and tolerance to methanol impurities compared with commercial analogs.

Author information
  • St. Petersburg State University, 199034, St. Petersburg, Russia

    T. A. Stel’mashuk, E. V. Alekseeva & O. V. Levin

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