The Influence of Heavy Metals on Permselectivity

V. D. Grebenyuk , R. D. Chebotareva , R. I. Kakabaev , M. A. Keimirov
Российский электрохимический журнал
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Transport of single- and double-charged cations across cationite membranes MK-40, MK-100,MK-100M(P), and MK-100M(E) is studied during electrodialysis of solutions of sodium and calcium chloridescontaining salts of heavy metals. Transport of single-charged ions across all the membranes tested is shown toincrease in the presence of heavy metals. The increase is attributed to the formation of hydroxy complexes ofheavy metals in the surface layer of the membranes, the complexes changing the surface charge of the membranes.