Some Examples of Electrosynthesis Development Involving Halogen-derivatives

V. A. Petrosyan
Российский электрохимический журнал
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Results of a series of studies on electrosynthesis involving halogen-derivatives are generalized.Halides act as either precursors of anionic intermediates or electrophylic acceptors of electrogenerated anionsin the course of electrolysis. The former case will be exemplified mainly with processes of carbene synthesisduring electrolysis of polyhalogenomethanes. Experimental and calculated (quantum-chemical) data on thereactivity of halogenomethane anions are discussed. In the latter case, mainly cathodic deprotonation of relatively weak protonic organic acids, together with subsequent SN2 reactions of electrogenerated anions withalkyl halides, which result in the formation of the desired products, are considered. In the final part of thisreview, the original data on electrosynthesis of N-chloroamines and amides, together with some examples oftheir application in developing methods for direct synthesis of industrially important substances (diazirydines;hydrazine and its derivatives) are given.