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The possibility of protecting the current collector of the cathode of a lithium-ion battery from the corrosive agents of electrolyte by creating a protective shell of reduced graphene oxide on the collector surface was studied. The positive effect was found to be a decrease in the degree of Faraday processes. The results of scanning electron microscopy, XRD analysis, Raman spectroscopy, and cyclic voltammetry were presented.

Author information
  • AkKo Lab Laboratory, Moscow, 129110, Russia

    D. Yu. Kornilov, S. P. Gubin, P. N. Chuprov, A. Yu. Rychagov, A. V. Cheglakov, A. S. Karaseva, E. S. Krasnova, V. A. Voronov, S. V. Tkachev & L. A. Kasharina

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