Crystal growth of thin [Zn2(H2N-BDC)2(4-bpdb)] · 3DMF metal–organic framework nanostructure on functionalized surfaces: study of structure effect on methyldopa adsorption affinity

Azadeh Azadbakht Azadeh Azadbakht , Jalaledin Aali Jalaledin Aali , Amir Reza Abbasi Amir Reza Abbasi , Maryam Maghsudi Maryam Maghsudi
Российский электрохимический журнал
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Thin films of a three-dimensional porous Zn(II)-based metal–organic framework, [Zn2(NH2-BDC)2(4-bpdb)] · 3DMF (TMU-17-NH2), containing azine-functionalized pores, were deposited on surfaces of silk fiber via a stepwise manner. The effect of sequential dipping steps in growth of TMU-17-NH2 has been studied. These systems depicted a decrease in the size accompanying a decrease in the sequential dipping steps. The TMU-17-NH2 has been used as matrices for the adsorption and in vitro guest delivery of methyldopa (MD).

Author information
  • Department of Chemistry, Khorramabad Branch, Islamic Azad University, Khorramabad, Iran

    Azadeh Azadbakht

  • Faculty of Chemistry, Razi University, 67194, Kermanshah, Islamic Republic of Iran

    Jalaledin Aali, Amir Reza Abbasi & Maryam Maghsudi

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