Morphology and Transport Properties of Hybrid Materials Based on Perfluorinated Membranes, Polyaniline, and Platinum

I. V. Falina I. V. Falina , D. S. Popova D. S. Popova , N. A. Kononenko N. A. Kononenko
Российский электрохимический журнал
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The transport properties and morphological characteristics of perfluorinated membranes after deposition of the layer of platinum dispersion on the surface are studied. The significant effect of preliminary modification of perfluorinated membraned with polyaniline on the diffusion permittivity of the composite and the morphology of the layer of platinum dispersion is determined. Testing the composites as proton conductors with a catalytic layer on the surface in an air–hydrogen fuel cell has shown the effect of the asymmetry of the electrochemical characteristics of the membrane–electrode assembly at various orientations of the layer of platinum dispersion towards hydrogen and air flows. A higher catalytic activity of the composite membranes in the oxygen reduction reaction is determined in the case platinum dispersion is deposited onto the membrane preliminarily modified with polyaniline.

Author information
  • Kuban State University, Krasnodar, 350040, Russia

    I. V. Falina, D. S. Popova & N. A. Kononenko

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