Electromembrane Process for Sugar Separation: A Preliminary Study

D. Langevin , M. Metayer , M. Labbe , C. Chappey
Российский электрохимический журнал
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This paper describes an electromembrane “cross-flow” process devoted to the removal of a nonionic permeant in a solution. This system benefits from the affinity of the permeant for a carrier, a counterionof an ion exchanger resin disposed between two ion exchanger membranes in a so-called, “pseudomembrane”structure. The mechanism of this process is based on the percolation of the solution that contains the permeantthrough the resin bed and the simultaneous electromigration of the carrier across the pseudomembrane. The difference in affinity of carriers for different permeants is considered in order to separate the mixture. The separation of carbohydrates with borate ion as the carrier has been chosen as example. A preliminary study isdescribed concerning the extraction of boric acid and its adjustment in concentration in an aqueous streamingsolution. This allows the behavior of the cross flow process to be analyzed before it is applied to the separationof a sugar mixture.