Heterogeneous doping of sulfide-conducting phases based on calcium and barium thiolanthanates

E. V. Kosheleva E. V. Kosheleva , M. A. Pentin M. A. Pentin , L. A. Kalinina L. A. Kalinina , T. V. Mikhailichenko T. V. Mikhailichenko , T. A. Lapteva T. A. Lapteva , Yu. N. Ushakova Yu. N. Ushakova
Российский электрохимический журнал
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The chemical method of preparation of oxide precursors was used to obtain sulfide-conducting ionic salts of CaY2S4, BaSm2S4 and heterogeneous additives of ZrS2 and SiS2, accordingly. The sintering modes for obtaining the heterogeneous systems of CaY2S4–ZrS2 and BaSm2S4–SiS2 were chosen. Samples were characterized using the methods of X-ray phase analysis and microprobe analysis. The methods of thermogravimetric and differential thermal analysis were used to determine thermal stability of samples. The temperature and concentration dependences of conductivity and average ionic transport numbers were studied. The range of compositions of heterogeneous mixtures is determined in which conductivity considerably exceeds conductivity of the basic sulfide-conducting solid electrolytes.

Author information
  • Vyatka State University, Institute of Chemistry and Ecology, Kirov, 610000, Russia

    E. V. Kosheleva, M. A. Pentin, L. A. Kalinina, T. V. Mikhailichenko, T. A. Lapteva & Yu. N. Ushakova

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