Comments on the implementation of the state standard “The pH scale of aqueous solutions”

A. S. Doinikov A. S. Doinikov , N. N. Zdorikov N. N. Zdorikov , O. V. Karpov O. V. Karpov , I. I. Maksimov I. I. Maksimov , E. E. Seiku E. E. Seiku , V. V. Sobol’ V. V. Sobol’
Российский электрохимический журнал
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The newly implemented State Standard Gost 8.134-98 is commented on, and the tabulated data on pH of standard solutions contained in this document are given.

Author information
  • All-Russia Research Institute of Physicotechnical and Radioengineering Measurements GP VNIIFTRI, Mendeleevo, Moscow oblast, Russia

    A. S. Doinikov, N. N. Zdorikov, O. V. Karpov, I. I. Maksimov, E. E. Seiku & V. V. Sobol’

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