Solid-Contact Ion-Selective Electrodes with Copper Hexacyanoferrate in the Transducer Layer

V. V. Timofeev V. V. Timofeev , M. B. Levin M. B. Levin , A. A. Starikova A. A. Starikova , M. A. Trofimov M. A. Trofimov , S. M. Korneev S. M. Korneev , K. N. Mikhelson K. N. Mikhelson
Российский электрохимический журнал
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The possibility of using mixed Fe2+/Fe3+ copper hexacyanoferrate (CuHCF) as the material for the transducer layer of solid-contact ion-selective electrodes (SC-ISEs) with plasticized polyvinylchloride membranes is studied. The study is performed for K+-SC-ISEs and water-hardness SC-ISEs. It is shown that CuHCF combines the ion-exchange and redox properties and, hence, in principle, should be suitable for SC-ISEs. However, the reproducibility of SC-ISE potentials from one electrode to another and their stability in time are far below those of conventional ISEs with internal aqueous solution. The potentials of individual SC-ISEs can be brought closer to one another by their polarization using a potentiostat or by their short-circuiting to a saturated silver-chloride reference electrode.

Author information
  • Institute of Chemistry, St. Petersburg State University, 26 Universitetskij pr. Staryi Petergof, St. Petersburg, 198504, Russia

    V. V. Timofeev, M. B. Levin, A. A. Starikova, M. A. Trofimov & K. N. Mikhelson

  • Institute of Chemistry, Osnabrűck University, Osnabrück, Germany

    S. M. Korneev

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