Modeling a solid-phase electrochemical reaction of lithium intercalation in aluminum during a noninstantaneous nucleation of Β-LiAl

V. E. Guterman V. E. Guterman , L. N. Mironova L. N. Mironova
Российский электрохимический журнал
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The interfacial surface area and the electrode surface coverage by a product during the nucleation and growth of a new phase are modeled numerically and calculated analytically for electrochemical intercalation of lithium in aluminum in the course of which intermetallic compound Β-LiAl forms. As opposed to the theoretical calculation, the model accounts for mutual influence of the new-phase nuclei on their distribution over the cathode surface under conditions of noninstantaneous nucleation. The ordering of such a distribution varies extremally (passes through a maximum) with increasing size of zones where the nucleation probability is low and which surround the nuclei. This makes the dependence of a maximum specific interfacial area on the zone radius extremal as well. The model may be applied for analyzing potentiostatic current transients during cathodic intercalation of lithium in aluminum from a LiClO4 solution in propylene carbonate.

Author information
  • Rostov State University, pr. Stachki 194, 344104, Rostov-on-Don, Russia

    V. E. Guterman & L. N. Mironova

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