Effect of Plasma-Assisted Electrochemical Treatment of Boron-Doped Diamond on the Kinetic Characteristics of Reversible Electrode Reactions

R. A. Manzhos R. A. Manzhos , A. S. Kotkin A. S. Kotkin , V. K. Kochergin V. K. Kochergin , A. G. Krivenko A. G. Krivenko
Russian Journal of Electrochemistry
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Surface of boron-doped diamond film electrode was subjected to plasma-assisted electrochemical treatment by anodic plasma pulses, and a change in the rate constant of electron transfer for several model redox reactions was analyzed.

Author information
  • Institute of Problems of Chemical Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences, 142432, Chernogolovka, Moscow oblast, Russia

    R. A. Manzhos, A. S. Kotkin, V. K. Kochergin & A. G. Krivenko

  • Department of Chemistry, Moscow State University, 119992, Moscow, Russia

    V. K. Kochergin

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