Electrochemical Determination of Paracetamol in Blood and Pharmaceutical Formulations Using Activated Carbon Electrode

F. Laghrib F. Laghrib , H. Hammani H. Hammani , A. Farahi A. Farahi , S. Lahrich S. Lahrich , A. Aboulkas A. Aboulkas , M. A. El Mhammedi M. A. El Mhammedi
Russian Journal of Electrochemistry
Abstract / Full Text

Determination of hepatotoxic drugs is critical for both clinical diagnosis and quantity control of their pharmaceutical formulations. In this work, an economic, rapid, simple, sensitive and selective sensor based on graphite carbon modified by activated carbon (AC–CPE) has been developed for the detection of paracetamol (PCT). The AC–CPE showed an electro-catalytic activity for the redox reaction of paracetamol with the catalytic reaction rate constant of K = 12.81 × 104 mol L–1 s–1. The proposed method was successfully used for the determination of paracetamol in pharmaceutical formulations and blood samples.

Author information
  • Sultan Moulay Slimane University of Beni Mellal, Laboratory of Chemistry, Modeling and Environmental Sciences, Polydisciplinary faculty, 25 000, Khouribga, Morocco

    F. Laghrib, H. Hammani, A. Farahi, S. Lahrich & M. A. El Mhammedi

  • Ibn Zohr University, Team of Catalysis and Environment, Faculty of Sciences, BP 8106 Cité Dakhla, Agadir, Morocco

    A. Farahi

  • Materials Science and Nanoengineering Department, Mohamed 6 Polytechnic University, Lot 660-Hay Moulay Rachid, 43150, Benguerir, Morocco

    H. Hammani & A. Aboulkas

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